Hi, congrats to you, you have found the real specialist in bearings!

We are a leading European distributor and mechanical engineering studio. We will help you design, source, and stock special (non-standard) bearings and mechanical components, or simply offer you standard bearings at highly competitive prices from our huge stock. Compliant with your MRP/ERP/Kanban/DDMRP needs. Our customers include well known companies in industrial automation, transit management, wheel and drive systems and agricultural machinery.


Compensa Handel - Wälzlager Stahl Werkzeuge Maschinen - Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Alberichgasse 2
1150 Vienna, Austria, Europe

+43 1 982 14 39

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Monday through Thursday
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Business hours

Compensa Handel, Alberichgasse 2, 1150 Vienna, Austria, Europe

Tel +43 1 982 14 39 - 0

Mobile +43 664 88165926

Opening hours
Monday through Thursday
08:00 to 12:00
12:45 pm to 17:00 pm
08:00 bis 12:00



Walter Kral, Gründer von Compensa1953: Founded by Walter Kral through a series of compensation transactions across Eastern Europe and Asia.

Kral never owned a truck fleet and chose to outsource shipping long before that became a business imperative in Europe. He focussed on:

Purchasing, quality inspection, heeding customer feedback, delivering on time. Soon, Compensa was an established firm in the marketplace.

Lager der Firma Compensa in den 1990ernIn the mid-1980s, Compensa started buying bearings from China, which later became the most important sourcing market.

1987: Christine und Walter Brandstaetter started working for Compensa, daughter and son-in-law of Kral. Walter Brandstaetter took over as general manager in 1999.

2000s: Josef Frank started working for Compensa. He helped expand the special bearings and hardware business and increased quality inspection capacity.

COM-A und Q-COMCompensa defined quality standards that are still in place today with its own brands „COM-A – Economic Quality“ und „Q-COM – High Quality“.

2009: Walter Brandstaetter passed away unexpectedly. His wife Christine Brandstaetter took over during the world financial crisis.

2012: Compensa started doing its own quality inspections at its supplier factories in China.

Josef Frank auditiert HCH Werk.2013: Compensa started to work with HCH as its sole supplier of premium grade bearings. HCH (Ningbo Huanchi Bearing Group) liked our distribution network and our expertise in bearings. We liked them back for their manufacturing prowess and can-do mentality.

Eigentümerin Christine Brandstätter und Geschäftsführer Josef Frank2015: Christine Brandstaetter handed over her reign to then technical director Josef Frank, the designer and mechanical solutions mastermind who ever since has been boosting the special bearings business. He also modernized our IT systems.

2020: Compensa launched its new Website and online store to continue giving great service to customers old and new.




Make the customer satisfied! Keep the customer satisfied!
We are all responsible for the business of Compensa.

Only if every SINGLE one of us does assiduous and correct work,
we will ALL be successful.

EACH of us is the wheel that KEEPS EVERYTHING MOVING,
and moving in the right DIRECTION.


Logo des Compensas Managementsystem zertifierenden Instituts Quality Austria und des Zertifierungsnetzwerks IQNet • Quality Austria and IQNet logo • IQNet和奥地利质量保障服务机构


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