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Brands equal quality: COM-A is norm, COM-A+ is good, Q-COM is high quality, HCH is premium quality.

The quality of a bearing is determined by the raw materials it is made from, and the level of manufacturing expertise while being made. With our own brands, we cover the common quality levels, standard, good, high quality, and with HCH we have a persuasive offering in the premium sector.

Standard quality

We control quality through spot-checks at the manufacturing sites and at our incoming goods inspection lab.

Good quality

We source only from factories we have audited ourselves, and intend not to change to other suppliers once having started to cooperate. The factories have systems in place to inspect their wares a 100%.

High quality

Meant to replace goods by traditional, expensive producers. Mostly ISO/TS 16949 certified, with some differences due to the big range of product categories, so please contact us to inquire details.

Premium quality

Produced by HCH. (Ningbo Huanchi Group), the largest producer of deep groove ball bearings and an emerging premium force in tapered roller bearings. HCH is IATF 16949 certified.


We do all standard bearings test ourselves, in-house.

Noise checking
Vibration checking     
Clearance (axial, radial)        
Hardness (Rockwell, Vickers) 
Lubrication (resistance ultra low and high temperatures)       
Surface finish    
Roller test rig (D = Ø50-250mm)        
Materials analysis
Made-to-order tests for which we build our own tools       
Life cycle tests

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