Terms and Conditions

This is a Google Translate automatically generated translation [APR 15, 2021] of the original terms in German, which shall apply in all contracts entered between Compensa and their customers.

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1. Scope

a. Trading with Compensa Handel - Wälzlager Stahl Werkzeuge Maschinen - Gesellschaft m.b.H. („we“, „our“) shall solely be regulated by the following terms and conditions („Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen“, „AGB“). We are Compensa Handel - Wälzlager Stahl Werkzeuge Maschinen - Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Alberichgasse 2, 1150 Wien  
+43 (1) 9821439-0
+43 (1) 9821439-12
Austrian company register number FN 105815 k, HG Wien commercial court
Trade warrant number 15 - Gew 18904/4/70
EORI ATEOS1000010874

b. Our contractual partner is called "contractual partner" or "customer". These terms and conditions are binding for all current and future business dealings with us, even if they are not expressly referred to.

c. For consumer transactions § 1 of the Consumer Protection Act (hereinafter referred to as "consumer business"), these terms and conditions apply with the deviations regulated for consumer transactions.

d. Regulations that deviate from or supplement these terms and conditions - in particular general business or purchasing conditions of the contractual partner - only become part of the contract if we have expressly confirmed this in writing. The provision of paragraph 1.d does not apply in consumer business.

e. Persons who place orders or deliver or pick up goods for processing are deemed to be authorized to accept our terms and conditions for the contractual partner.

2. Offer and conclusion of contract

2.1 Offer

a. Our offers are always subject to change unless they are expressly designated as binding. The contract partner's order is only deemed to have been accepted with our order confirmation, whereby a contract is concluded.

b. In the case of consumer transactions, we have to send the order confirmation to the contractual partner within a reasonable period of time, but no longer than 14 days after placing the order, otherwise the contractual partner is no longer bound by the order or the offer.

c. Plans, illustrations, drawings, weight and measurement information and similar technical information in our e-mails, electronic documents (e.g. PDFs), in the shop, in brochures, circulars, advertisements, price lists and the like are only approximate unless they are expressly written in writing are designated as binding. We reserve the right to make design changes.

2.2 Order and conclusion of contract in the shop

a. The presentation of the goods in the shop also does not constitute a binding offer from us to conclude a purchase contract. The customer is only asked to submit an offer by placing an order. The order takes place in the following steps:

• Selection of the desired goods;

• Enter customer data (first name, last name, address, email address).
The customer can either create a customer account with which he can log in to the shop for each subsequent order, or order as a guest. If you order as a guest, no customer account is created;

• Inspection of the pre-contractual information for consumers according to § 4 FAGG;

• Choice of shipping method and method of payment;

• Checking the information in the shopping cart;

• Confirmation by clicking the "Buy" button (corresponds to: "Order with obligation to pay"), whereby the order is sent bindingly.

b. By submitting the order in the shop, the customer submits a binding offer aimed at concluding a purchase contract for the goods in the shopping cart. By submitting the order by clicking the “Buy” button, the customer recognizes the pre-contractual information for consumers and these terms and conditions as the sole decisive factor for the legal relationship with us.

c. We confirm receipt of the customer's order by sending a confirmation email. This confirmation of receipt of the order does not yet represent the acceptance of the contract offer. It only serves to inform the customer that the order has been received. The declaration of acceptance of the contract offer is made through the delivery of the goods or an express order confirmation.

3. Confidentiality

a. The contractual partner irrevocably undertakes to keep confidential all trade and business secrets made available by us, made available or otherwise known in connection with or due to a business relationship or contact with us and not to disclose them in any way whatsoever to third parties to make our consent available. Furthermore, the contractual partner undertakes to use information only on a need-based basis and only within the framework of the concluded contract.

b. The confidentiality obligation remains in effect for 3 years after the end of the business relationship with us or independently of a business relationship for 3 years after our offer has been submitted.

4. Prices and terms of payment

a. Our prices are given in EURO. For purchases through our shop, the prices shown there at the time of the order apply. Insofar as statutory sales tax is incurred, this will also be invoiced at the currently applicable rate. Any fees are to be paid by the contractual partner.

b. The quoted prices apply “ex works” or “ex works” INCOTERMS® in the current version and do not include the costs of transport, unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

c. The provision of point 4.b does not apply in consumer business. Here applies that our designated sales.

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