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In the founding year of Compensa, so many things were still lacking due to the war ...
Even before the Austrian State Treaty, Walter Kral takes a bold decision.

The fifties ...

... brought a huge start.
But many businesses were afraid of foreign things beyond the borders.


Walter Kral founds Compensa

The resourceful businessman had a high level of technical interest and understanding.
He was confident to be able to obtain the urgently required bearings and components for the growing production process at good terms and conditions and deliver them to the customers on time.

A lot of new things in the East

MGM, URB and ZKL were the first strong partners in the East. Based on the specifications of Walter Kral and his small team, they learnt how to produce the western level of quality. Tough years for all involved, but years that established a sustained competitive edge.


The sixties ...

... made a lot of things much more easily available. The aspiration for QUALITY was developing dramatically.


Compensa principles are attractive

Compensa began to make checks and take customer feedback very seriously even in the demanding market of the fifties. Handshake agreements ensured recommendations just like precisely keeping delivery promises (Walter Kral had organised the warehouse and delivery with an excellent freight forwarder right from the beginning.)

The best manufacturers were now keen on cooperating with Compensa.

The seventies

… tempted many to go for diversification.
After initial success, even prominent companies walked into the trap of viability and competence.


Concentrating on the core

Walter Kral’s vision was “small and beatifull”.

They relied on:

• good consultancy and fast implementation and
• authentic problem-solving competence (Compensa as the “driver” of specialities and innovation).

The eighties

In 1987, Christine and Walter Brandstätter, daughter and son-in-law of Walter Kral, joined the company.


COM-A: Benchmark standards

Great contacts both nationally and abroad helped to implement a new Compensa idea:

Compensa set up with COM-A a clearly defined high quality benchmark to be met by all interested manufacturers. The customers were grateful.

The nineties

In 1999, Compensa relocated to the Alberichgasse. A large extension step, as we were bursting at the seams.


Walter and Christine Brandstätter...

... ensured the continuous expansion of sales and in-house quality checks.

Founder and successors establish an exemplary constructive cooperation with one another: “young and old together”.

Compensa proves itself to be a solid bastion and continues to grow, despite the take-over trend.



The age of certifications intensifies. Even good businesses frequently have successor-related problems. Compensa increases the testing frequency and planning performance with new management.


Handing over, test centre, planning

Eminent Walter Kral hands over the helm to Walter and Christine Brandstätter, but is still available for advice. The test centre located in the Alberichgasse is equipped professionally and the component planning is enhanced.


The necessity of rational production is ubiquitous throughout the industry. Too often taht is only possible at the expense of quality. Compensa actively counteracts this trend.


Q-COM: A milestone.

The Q-COM line specifies enhanced levels of “Western quality”, so that Compensa anti-friction bearings withstand even the highest levels of load and stress. Including the well-known “efficiency factor”.

Compensa checks this consistently. Compensa partners benefit.


... the markets collapse.

Compensa, too, suffers a fateful year.


A tragic year.

In the difficult year after the Stock Exchange crisis, Walter Brandstätter (centre) passes away totally unexpectedly and prematurely.

Christine Brandstätter takes over the reins at a personally and economically difficult phase.

Compensa continues to hold its robust position.

But all around, things are going downhill.


... not only the economic situation recovers.


New boom.

With extreme consistency, Christine Brandstätter and the hand-picked Compensa team (engineering and sales consultancy) achieve the extraordinary:

Compensa grows faster than the market.


In the unstable environment of the nervous world markets, companies such as Compensa stand their ground with
- continued reliability
- adaptability to new requirements
- and the power of innovation

geschichte koeck

„Checks before shipment"

... are introduced. Compensa now checks with its own personnel, in the production stage – in other words prior to loading – and once again when the goods are received.

Quality wants to be achieved and defended again and again.

After all, our customers put their trust in us.


Established manufacturers appreciate Compensa´s market expertise and offer general distribution options.


Compensa charged with general distribution of HCH products

Between several options we decided to cooperate with our proven partner for many years: HCH.
The well renowed producer benefits from our sales network - while Compensa takes a further big step in respect of permanent availability of premium bearings.



The course for the future should always be set in time.

Development and continuousness should walk together as they did before.

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 DI Josef Frank entrusted with business management

by Christine Brandstätter.

Mr. Frank has been forging the high quality standards over nearly 20 years. He has also developped lots of special components complying customer requirements.

He knows all about the interaction of customers, producers and the staff and has been working "right in the middle" of them for nearly 20 years.

Proprietress Christine Brandstätter will further provide advice and assistance.

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